The Secrets to Day Cream Application

Are you sure you’re doing it right?

Day Cream – most of us think this is surely one of the easiest products to use. Just apply it to your skin after cleansing, rub it in and you’re all set, right? Not quite! You may be surprised to hear that there’s a few more details to take note of when applying your Day Cream.

The application of your Day Cream is as important as eating a healthy breakfast. After all, you’re prepping your skin for the day ahead, just like you prep and fuel your body with food in the morning. How you apply your Day Cream could mean the difference in maintaining an all-day glow versus your skin drying out under pressure.

Here’s a few steps you can take to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Day Cream:


Skin preparation

You wouldn’t put clean clothes on if you’re covered in dirt. The same goes for your skin. Even if you’ve cleaned your skin thoroughly in the evening, the build-up of dirt and oils can happen as you sleep, meaning you’ll need to perform a quick cleanse in the morning. Gently wash your face with KIATA’s Deluxe Radiance Cream Cleanser or sweep away impurities using a lotion and cotton pad. Follow with a gentle toning mist to tighten your pores and let it dry. Now you’re ready to moisturise.

Remember, your Day Cream is best applied to slightly damp skin, no less than a minute after you cleanse and/or tone. Applying to damp skin creates a moisture-lock layer and an effective barrier against dryness to keep your skin hydrated for as long as possible.


Part of the routine

Before you go ahead and slather your face in Day Cream, just have a think about the other products you want to use. SPF? Serum? Oil? Foundation? Which one goes on first? There’s so many! Applying your skincare products in the wrong order could stop them from working effectively and therefore be a waste of your time and hard-earned cash!

Let us simplify it for you. Just think of it this way – it’s all about the weight. Generally, it’s best to apply the lightest products first, gradually making your way to the heaviest. Applying them in this order ensures the heaviest products can work their way through the layers of lighter products to penetrate the skin.

For example, first apply your serum, then your moisturiser, then oils. Make sure each layer is fully absorbed by your skin before applying the next – sometimes less is more! If you require SPF, always apply this first as you need it to interact with skin cells. Allow SPF to penetrate your skin at least 20 minutes before sun exposure for the most effective protection.


Optimal application

So, you’ve figured out when to apply your Day Cream – but do you know how?

The common mistake people make is rubbing their Day Cream in outwards motions – from the centre of your face out towards your hairline. This can cause an unwanted build-up of oils around the outside of your face which can cause breakouts – no thanks! Instead, simply dab a small amount of product all over your face and blend in using a gentle sweeping or tapping motion. Not only will this effectively and evenly apply the product all over your face, it also gives your skin a gentle massage and morning wake-up call – increasing circulation to help you look more awake and refreshed.

Once you’ve finished with your face, make sure you don’t neglect your neck and décolletage – these areas are just as important when it comes to hydration!


You’re all set!

Now that you’re ready to take on the world (one layer of Day Cream at a time!) why not take a glance at KIATA’s Secret Infusion Day Cream. Enriched with exclusive organic and natural actives, our Secret Infusion Day Cream helps to even the complexion, plump and hydrate the skin for a fresh, radiant look every day. Paired with KIATA’s Illuminating Eye Serum and Deluxe Radiance Cream Cleanser, begin your day with confidence using the purest natural and organic ingredients.

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