COSMOS Organic Certification: Discover what it means for you


With so many labels on our cosmetic products today, it may be difficult to find your way through all the information and know what is truthful and what is not.
At KIATA, we understand the frustration of women all over the world who are striving to choose the best products for their skin and at the same time be responsible for the environment. We wanted to bring an end to customer confusion and stop the overload of meaningless labels that are bought and displayed by other skincare brands.

To make it simple, we’ve chosen one label that covers all key aspects meaningful to skincare: COSMOS Organic by Ecocert. To obtain this certification and display this label, we had to follow the highest standards in the industry – which guarantees our products really are what they say.
That’s what this article is all about!

Let us teach you a bit more about the COSMOS Organic certification and what it means for YOU!

One logo that means so much more

COSMOS (COSMetic Organic Standard) was founded in 2002 by five major organic and natural cosmetics certification bodies (French, German, English, Italian … we’re talking about the best of the best here!) to harmonize European guidelines for natural and organic cosmetics. Their hard work has since become a global standard.

The COSMOS standard not only promotes the use of natural and organic raw materials, it also supports ethical principles surrounding the production of cosmetic products, from the sourcing of ingredients right through to the distribution, whilst promoting green technologies and environmentally friendly processes.

We know what you are thinking and yes, this means a lot of work for KIATA and we pride ourselves in having made sure every aspect and tiny detail of our products comply to these strict norms.

Ethical principles

The main principles of the COSMOS standard include:
– Supporting the use of organic and natural ingredients
– Promoting the use of ingredients from organic farms
– Respecting biodiversity and using natural sources responsibly
– Using ethical and clean processing to respect the environment and human health
– Promoting ‘Green Chemistry’ instead of harsh synthetic chemicals
– Transparency to consumers about products and ingredients

The COSMOS standard is progressive and innovative. As advances in organic production and green technology quickly develop, so do the guidelines of the standard – no dated practices here!

Only the best materials

The COSMOS standard promotes the use of natural raw materials, sustainably sourced and processed using clean, environmentally friendly methods such as “Green Chemistry”.

COSMOS outlines specific requirements for all its approved raw materials and constantly monitors their sourcing. These include no GMOs, no critically endangered species, strict limitations of toxicity and biodegradability and all must be of natural origin. COSMOS even regulates the use of water, which must comply with hygienic standards.

Who could ask for more (or want less!) for their skincare products!

But it’s not just about ingredients

The COSMOS standard covers much more than just ingredients. The main principles of COSMOS cover the whole process of creating an organic or natural cosmetic product, from the sourcing and the processing right through to the packaging and communications of the product.

After sourcing and processing ingredients, cosmetic companies must also ensure that their packaging is environmentally friendly, that they have an environmental and waste management strategy in place in their manufacturing facilities and that each product is clearly labelled to provide transparency to consumers.

Keep an eye out for COSMOS labels

The two types of COSMOS labels you will find on certified cosmetic products are ‘COSMOS ORGANIC’ or ‘COSMOS NATURAL.’

To obtain COSMOS ORGANIC certification, 95% of the ingredients used to create a product must be organic (total % of vegetal ingredients), with the remaining ingredients derived from natural sources.

COSMOS NATURAL certification requires the same strict standard as the COSMOS ORGANIC certification, however there is no % minimum for organic ingredients.

Each label guarantees:

– No synthetic colourants or fragrances
– No animal testing
– No GMO (genetically modified organism)
– No nanomaterials
– Committed packaging using environmentally friendly materials.

KIATA’s commitment

KIATA is committed to both the ethical practices and strict guidelines of the COSMOS ORGANIC standard. You will find COSMOS Organic labels on all our products. All our ingredients are clearly outlined on both our product packaging and our website as part of our dedication to transparency and clarity of information to consumers.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them!