All of KIATA’s products are COSMOS Organic certified by ECOCERT. This certification is a guarantee that KIATA’s products are made using the safest, most effective organic ingredients produced to the highest standards. Each ingredient is derived from natural and sustainable sources, developed using environmentally friendly processes to ensure that our products contain no pesticides or harsh chemicals.

The main principles of the COSMOS standard are:

  • Promoting the use of ingredients from organic farms
  • Respecting biodiversity and using natural sources
  • Ethical and clean processing to respect the environment and human health
  • Promoting ‘Green Chemistry’ instead of harsh synthetic chemicals
  • Transparency to consumers about products

our range

KIATA products are encapsulated within luxurious airless glass bottles dripping in rose-gold foils to ensure the preservation of actives and the performance of every formula. Our packaging is 100% eco-friendly to stay true to our environmentally friendly practices.



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