AUSTRALIAN FOCUS: Discover the city by the sea. Discover the Gold Coast

Australia is a land full of surprises. From the tropical rainforests of the north, to the golden sandy beaches of the east, to the towering mountain ranges of the south, this bountiful island continent boasts diversity in both its flora, fauna and its people.
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We want to share with you just some of the amazing destinations Australia has to offer, so you too can discover its secrets and fall in love all over again.

Let’s begin with an iconic Australian destination and home to sun, sea and surf – the Gold Coast.

Not just beaches

Does the name make you think of endless beaches and glistening oceans? Well, you may be surprised to hear that the Gold Coast is in fact one of Australia’s fastest growing cities, stretching along the golden coastline of the Australian state of Queensland. Known as the ‘sunshine state’, it’s easy to picture the tropical palm trees and bronzed sunbathers soaking up the sun with all-year-round summer temperatures – but you might find it odd seeing the skyscrapers when you’re paddling in the sea!

You really can have it all

Already sound tempting? Well, not only does the Gold Coast boast its very own collection of award-winning beaches and surf spots, it’s also a hub for international cuisine, sensational shopping and a whole range of wild activities. In just one day you can sunbathe, surf, shop, dine and even scream your lungs out on a rollercoaster (probably not in that order!) No matter what your vibe is, the Gold Coast is ready to match it. It’s no wonder Australia landed a top ten spot as one of the world’s happiest countries in 2018! (2018 World Happiness Report)

Hosting the games

Does the name sound familiar? That’s because in 2018 the Gold Coast welcomed the Commonwealth Games. Hosting over 6,600 athletes and officials from 71 Commonwealth nations and territories, the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games proved to be the biggest sporting event in Australia for a whole decade – that’s hard to beat! Thousands of spectators and tourists alike flooded the city and its surrounding areas, with the games gaining worldwide coverage. Triumphantly, the Aussie hosts took away the title for the most medals, with 80 Gold, 59 Silver and 59 Bronze medals – that’s 198 medals in total. Now we just need to find somewhere to put them!

Let’s talk beaches

Out of all its attractions, the Gold Coast has to be most famous for its beaches. Although it may look like one long stretch of coastline, the area is actually divided into smaller postcodes with beaches to match. For most tourists, Surfer’s Paradise and Main Beach will be your first experience of Gold Coast living. A buzzing hive of activity, these beaches certainly aren’t for the faint hearted. Surfers (the hint is in the name!), party goers and tourists alike flock here to throw down their towels and soak up the atmosphere – most certainly not a quiet escape!

For those looking for a more peaceful break, Broadbeach and Burleigh Heads provide the stunning beaches, clear waters and plentiful amenities with extra room to stretch your legs (and your beach towel!) If you ever get tired of the heat (trust us, it happens!) Broadbeach is just a short stroll from one of the area’s largest shopping malls, Pacific Fair, where you can shop and dine whilst enjoying the luxurious chill of air conditioning.

Finally, those who want to enjoy the cool sea water without battling the waves, hop over to Tallebudgera Creek, where the calm waters make the perfect platform for a whole range of sports and activities. Why not try your hand at paddle-boarding or kayaking? Or simply kick back, relax and admire the sports from the surrounding sandy beaches – sometimes you just can’t beat a spot of people watching!

Hike away

Not a fan of sand? Luckily for you, the Gold Coast is surrounded by luscious tropical rainforests and mountain ranges, making for great hiking. To the south-west of the city, the Gold Coast Hinterland comprises of several national parks and protected areas, with hundreds of walking trails to suit a wide range of different abilities and fitness levels. Whether you fancy camping overnight, embarking on a full day’s hike, or just need a day trip to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can be soaking up the best Australian nature has to offer within just a 30-minute drive of the city.
Lamington National Park covers over 200 square kilometres of southern Queensland, making up just a small section of Gondwana Rainforests of Australia, World Heritage Area. Love hiking? Well, the park boasts over 160 kilometres of walking tracks, with stunning waterfalls and awe-inspiring lookouts from its many mountain ranges. You won’t find many places more amazing than this.

Take a thrill ride

For the thrill-seekers, the Gold Coast offers a whole heap of activities and days out. If you fancy keeping cool, there’s several large water parks just outside of the city, conveniently located next to a couple of even larger theme parks with enough rides to keep your stomach churning all day long!
If rollercoasters and water slides aren’t your thing, there’s always a range of Australian animals to spot at one of the many zoos, wildlife sanctuaries and aquariums. Spend the day feeding the kangaroos or get your picture taken cuddling a koala. If you’re lucky, you may spot a sleeping wombat or a feisty Tasmanian Devil! Oh, and did we mention whale watching? The majestic humpback whales (and dolphins!) can be spotted on a guided whale watching tour, but you may be lucky enough to spot them from the coastline!
And if you really want to take in the whole of the city, go for a ride up to the 230m high, 360-degree observation deck and enjoy a dining experience to remember.

The essence of Australia

So, if you’re looking to soak up the best Australia has to offer – whether through its stunning coastlines, incredible nature reserves or vibrant metropolis – the Gold Coast certainly has it all.
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