Australia: Beauty and Nature

In Australia, we believe beauty can be found everywhere. Present in the uniqueness of each and every person, through to the diversity its nature and land has to offer. In this land, women have found in nature the secret to becoming the best versions of themselves.

This why Australia is the mecca for natural skincare products. Come and discover the luxury feel, the unique benefits and pure scents of Australia.

Why Is Australia the Go-to Place for Skincare Ingredients?

There’s a reason for all the buzz around Australian skincare. Our land offers the most exclusive raw materials and our professionals have a great understanding of women’s skincare needs.

So, it turns out this island country isn’t all hot weather, white sandy beaches and glistening oceans. You may be surprised to discover that Australia is rich and diverse, in both its culture and its landscapes. As the sixth largest country in the world by surface, our sheer size gives way to a wide range of unique and varying landscapes. We’re lucky to have such a rich and diverse land to discover, from humid tropical rainforests in the north, luscious grassy countryside in the south, the infamous dry expanse in the red centre and who could forget the Great Barrier Reef. This ancient continent is every explorer’s dream.

Unique Ingredients

It’s almost unbelievable to think that many of the species of Australia are still unheard of. It may be hard to imagine but over 50 new species are discovered each year in the state of Queensland alone and that due to its geographical isolation, around 80% of the continent’s flora is endemic (only found in Australia). This offers very exciting prospects for skincare.

The good news is that many of these Australian native species of flora are considered ‘superfoods’ – packed with vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants, all of which provide unlimited benefits to the body. Delicate techniques are used to extract these well-being properties from the plants to make the most of their benefits, specifically for use in skincare.

Getting the Most Out of Nature

We have made it our mission at KIATA to research and select ingredients to share with women around the world.

As we don’t require the whole plant to get the goodness we need, KIATA uses unique extraction processes to obtain some of the highest quality oils in the world. By extracting these oils, the extraordinary benefits of each ingredient can be incorporated into skincare oils, creams and serums. KIATA’s oils are extracted sustainably to respect the longevity of the environment and the growers at the very source. A fine example of this is the use of Australian plum oil extracts in the KIATA range.

Plums That Pack A Punch

From a choice of over 200 different varieties of native plums in Australia, KIATA products contain three carefully selected plum oil extracts for their incredible benefits. These include extracts from the Kakadu Plum, the Illawarra Plum and the Burdekin Plum, which are all harvested sustainably at the source, to respect the longevity of the environment and farmers.

The Kadaku Plum, a small green fruit, is a powerful superfood known for having the highest concentration of vitamin C  any known fruit in the world. They are sustainably collected and sourced from a small farm based in Queensland, better known as Australia’s Sunshine State – famous for its magnificent beaches and coastlines.

Inspired by the diversity of the Australian continent, these native plum extracts, combined with exclusive worldwide raw materials, are specifically formulated to provide the most benefits for your skin, naturally.

Learn more about KIATA’s journey here.

This is our nature. What’s yours? #ThisIsMyNature