2019 Skincare: update your beauty routine with the latest skincare trends


The New Year brings new challenges, new goals and new trends – and we’re not just talking about the runway. 2019 is the Year of the Pig; welcoming great luck and fortune (for both your wealth and in your love life!), so why not keep your skincare routine up-to-date with the newest trends to help you (and your skin) stay on-trend and ahead of the game.

Last year we saw a rise in organic and natural skincare, charcoal infused products, sheet masks and the dreaded vampire facials (eek!), so what has the new year got in stall for us?

We’ve wrapped up the biggest skincare trends to hit 2019 so you can update your cupboards, clear your mind and make way for a fresh start – let’s go!


Waterless skincare

Waterless skincare is the latest trend to arise from the modern mecca for skincare, Korea. Many skincare lovers are opting to remove water-based products from their routine and are reaping the benefits.

Water makes up around 70% of your average skincare product (yikes!), with only 25% of the product made of “actives” (the ingredients that are actually beneficial for your skin!) Waterless products therefore contain a much higher level of actives, meaning their formulas are more potent, more concentrated and give better results for your skin gram for gram – no more watering down please!

Surprisingly, water can actually dehydrate the skin by affecting skin’s moisture levels – disrupting the balance of natural oils, evaporating from the skin and taking the moisture with it. Water also feeds the bad bugs on your skin which can lead to irritation, inflammation and breakouts – meaning that water-based products need a whole heap of stabilisers and preservatives to stop the bad guys from getting out of hand (and off your face!)

So, why go waterless? Waterless products are more potent, more hydrating, more stabilised and don’t contain preservatives (since there’s no water to feed the bad bacteria) and can therefore provide more instantaneous results for the impatient (we know who you are!) We’ll leave the water out, thanks!

Hyaluronic acid

Yes, it’s back! Hyaluronic acid is still as popular as ever and in 2019 you’ll find it in almost every product worth knowing about. This miracle ingredient is naturally found in the body and has a wide range of benefits for the skin, including hydration through moisture retention and helping to slow down premature aging. Hyaluronic acid also helps to repair the skin’s natural barrier and provides a whole range of antioxidant properties – protecting the skin against harsh environmental factors such as sun exposure and pollution, all of which can contribute to aging skin.

Want to stay youthful? Make sure hyaluronic acid stays in your cupboard and on your skin!


Home facial tools

Who needs to pay for an expensive facial treatment when you can do it yourself, right? At-home facials are the newest trend for 2019, with salon-potent formulas and all the tools available to us in the comforts of our own home (finally!)

Want to energise or calm? Crystal facial rollers – from jade or rose quartz to amethyst – are not only believed to re-align your Zen but can actually provide surprising benefits to your skin. The rolling, massaging action increases circulation, helps with lymphatic drainage and removes toxins – improving skin’s elasticity and encouraging collagen production. Since the crystals remain cold, they’re also fabulous for those puffy eyes and wrinkles – yes darling!

Micro-needling was once only suitable for salons, yet it’s making its way into our homes in 2019. Available as rollers or patches, micro-needling tools pierce the skin to allow skincare products to sink into the deeper layers of the epidermis and are particularly affective for acne-prone skin and anti-aging – with the tiny needles microscopically damaging the skin, encouraging new skin cells to grow and boosting collagen production in the process. It’s not as scary as it sounds!

Skin-healing skincare

With a strong focus on health and well-being in 2018, it’s no wonder “skin-healing” is taking precedent in 2019 beauty routines. Yet another trend emerging from Korea (always one step ahead!) skin-healing products are designed to reduce redness, inflammation and irritation; effectively ‘healing’ the damage caused by environmental and lifestyle factors.

In 2019, you’ll see a surge in ingredients such as Cica – perfectly suited for sensitive skin, providing a wide range of healing benefits such as anti-redness, anti-inflammation and calming the skin – making skin-healing skincare perfect for acne prone skin or for those living in high-pollution areas. Far from being a newly discovered ingredient, Cica has been used for its healing properties in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Nicknamed ‘tiger grass’ in Asia, tigers literally rub themselves against the leafy herb to heal their wounds – revealing one of nature’s miraculous ingredients. Oh, what clever kitties!


Skin microbiome and prebiotic skincare

Following the healing theme, 2019 will also focus on the microbiome of the skin. You may have heard this term used in relation to the gut and the balance of bacteria inside your body – well, now it’s all about the little colonies of friends living on your skin. With more than a trillion of these little ‘bugs’ living with you, maintaining the right balance could mean the difference between glowing skin and a nasty breakout or infection – help!

Our skin microbiome has its very own resident bugs which help to protect the skin from disease and infection and maintain pH levels, and its important to both look after these bugs and create the perfect environment for them to thrive. Just as probiotic supplements and fermented foods have seen a rise in popularity for aiding gut health (think kimchi, kefir and live culture yoghurts) so too will probiotic and prebiotic skincare in 2019.

By balancing the pH levels of the skin, promoting the growth of good bugs and fending off the bad ones, probiotic skincare is well-suited for those with dry, itchy, irritated and acne-prone skin. We’ve started to feel itchy just talking about it!

Sustainable packaging

2018 saw the demise of plastic shopping bags and plastic straws – yay for the planet! Even more great news is that 2019 will see more sustainable and recyclable packaging for our skincare products. Whether made from recycled products or designed to be largely recyclable or reusable, environmental and ethical skincare will be more popular than ever. Let’s go green people!

Cannabis and CBD infused products

Associated with free-loving spirits (hello California!), cannabis is steadily losing its stigma as a drug that simply gets you ‘high’. Becoming increasingly popular with naturopaths and alternative therapists (in countries where it has been legalised), we’ve already seen some of the incredible benefits that CBD oil can have on the body and the nervous system in particular – from extensive pain relief to muscle relaxation using just a few drops under the tongue, without the narcotic side effects!

If it’s good for the body, it has to be good for the skin, right? Many skincare brands seem to think so! CBD (cannabinoids) extracts (derived from cannabis or hemp) contain a wide range of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties – helping to calm and soothe irritated skin. Not only does CBD calm the skin, it can also provide targeted pain relief when applied topically. Pretty cool, right?!

CBD oil and cannabis infused products are sure to hit our shelves in 2019, without the criminal charge attached!

Papaya with KIATA Organic Deluxe Cream Cleanser

Liquid exfoliators

Scrubbing was so last year, am I right?! Who needs to scrub when you can let a liquid exfoliator do all the work for you?

Especially effective for sensitive skin, liquid exfoliators can provide all the exfoliative effects of a scrub without the harsh abrasion – meaning less redness and irritation all round. Many liquid exfoliators contain natural ingredients that work just as effectively as their man-made equivalents, without the need for harsh chemicals.

Take Papain for example. Found in high concentrations in the Papaya fruit, Papain is a natural proteolytic plant enzyme which breaks down proteins and provides an exfoliative effect to the skin – removing the top layer of dead skin cells to brighten and smooth the skin, whilst also reducing blemishes, fading tan, dark spots and scars effectively evening the skin tone in the process. Is there anything it can’t do?! (Want to learn more about Papaya? See here!)

Liquid exfoliators are a much gentler way to exfoliate, especially if you have sensitive skin! Expect to find liquid exfoliators and natural exfoliating cleansers taking over 2019 – the best year for sensitive skin!

The perfect excuse to switch up your routine

Like what you’re hearing? Why not try including a new skincare regime in your ‘new year, new me’ resolutions and change up your old habits for some exciting 2019 skincare trends.

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