10 Tips for Gifting Skincare this Christmas

Thinking about gifting skincare products this Christmas? Gifting skincare doesn’t have to be a daunting task!

Everyone loves receiving some pampering beauty products – yes, even most men! So, we’ve put together 10 tips to help you purchase the best skincare gifts these holidays.

The holidays are the best time of year to pick up skincare and beauty specials which can create perfect gifts for the right kind of person.

1. Consider their skin type

You know your own skin type, right? Now, think of all the different issues you have with your skin and consider the person you’re gifting for. How old are they? Are they male or female? Do they suffer from acne, sensitivity or dry skin? Their skincare concerns may be completely different from your own, so bear this in mind before you start picking up your favourite products. If you can, dig a little deeper and take a glance at their bathroom cabinet to see if you’re on the right track.

2. Sensitive suits all

If your recipient hasn’t opened up to you about their skincare type or concerns, then sensitive products are your best bet. Skincare designed for sensitive skin will be hypoallergenic, hydrating and usually free of any nasties – a gentle option, suitable for all skin types.

3. Gift sets are a great all-rounder

Struggling to make a decision? Skincare gift sets are a great alternative if you’re unsure of which individual products to buy (and they’re great value for money too!) Gift sets come with a range of different products, tailored to different skin concerns or routines. Choosing a hydrating or sensitive gift set will keep most people happy and if you’re still unsure, why not opt for a pampering body set instead?

4. Try natural and organic

Want your friends to think you’re still on trend? Natural and organic skincare products are hot right now and set to keep on trending into the new year. Free from nasty chemicals and synthetics, natural and organic skincare products are not only perfect for a range of skin types but also great for the environment. Organic ingredients are usually sourced and processed using environmentally friendly methods which respect biodiversity and packaged using recyclable materials so you can dispose of them in an ethical manner (make sure you read the labels to be sure!) And always opt for products with verified, certified organic logos to ensure the highest quality ingredients. Both your friends and the environment will thank you!

5. Go for luxury

If you really want to impress, choose a luxurious, prestigious brand. A high quality product is always guaranteed to receive positive reactions from any close friend or loved one.

6. Choose something familiar

For the skincare sceptics, choosing a familiar, active or recognised skincare brand is a no-brainer as they’re trusted by consumers. Brands with good product feedback are a guaranteed winner for those who like to stick to what they know and prove to be a very easy and affordable gifting option.

7. Or try something new!

For the more adventurous types, why not try a lesser known or up-and-coming skincare brand? New brands may bring something fresh and exciting to traditional skincare routines, providing a unique gift that no-one even thought of. Lots of new brands provide travel sets to allow consumers to try out their products before investing in the full-sized versions. A great opportunity to try something new for the new year!

8. Create your own gift set

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Why not create your own gift set? Starting your gift set from scratch allows you to hand-pick individual products to create the ultimate personalised present and add a few treats in the process (some chocolates won’t go amiss!) Packaged and wrapped in a wicker basket or decorated box filled with fancy tissue paper, your recipient will love the time, effort and attention to detail in your hand-crafted gift set. A sure winner for brownie points!

9. Give them some pampering

Everyone loves a bit of pamper time so why not gift a mask or mask set? Masks come in all shapes and sizes and you can’t go wrong with a hydrating sheet or sleep mask to rejuvenate and plump the skin. A natural clay mask is great for detoxification, especially after an indulgent holiday period whilst a peel mask adds a bit of fun to the routine – something which even your significant other might find amusing! Masks are relatively easy to gift and most well-known brands have their own array of masks to try. The choice is endless!

10. Just ask!

Still wandering up and down the beauty aisle or scrolling endlessly through skincare websites to find the perfect gift? Why not just ask?! If you’re still undecided about which gift to buy, it’s probably best to ask your recipient to avoid gifting something they won’t use. The same goes for you too! If you think your loved ones might be unsure of what gift to buy for you, make them aware of what skincare you prefer and which ones you usually avoid.

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